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MCAT Chemistry review with clear and comprehensive teaching
We will teach you MCAT Chemistry (Inorganic), test-taking strategies and provide you online review exercises using question types you can expect on the actual Medical College Admission Test. MCAT Chemistry
Access to Dr. Ferdinand Live Online is available to students who register for any of our online science programs. Many online prep features compliment our four science courses: physics, general and organic chemistry and biology. The experience of each course is made complete with online interaction...  MCAT Course MCAT chemistry prep courses to improve your MCAT scores. MCAT Chemistry 4 Video DVDs These MCAT Chemistry Video DVDs with lecture-style science review can be played on a regular DVD player, PC (min. of 200 MHz) or Apple (min. Mac OS X). $99 for all 4 MCAT Chemistry Video DVDs. BUY NOW
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Over 4000 questions, answers with explanations including more than 10 full-length exams, 8 corrected essays, 7 tests, Streaming Videos, inorganic chemistry review etc...
MCAT Course
Computer based MCAT courses to raise MCAT scores.
Forget the books, review MCAT Chemistry online.
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