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Children's Books - Books for children of all ages recommended by the American Library Association and parents.

MCAT Books - Books for the MCAT recommended by students who have taken the MCAT and are in medical school.

MCAT Scores - MCAT Scores and GPAs including average MCAT scores for medical schools in the US and Canada.

MCAT Changes - Changes to the MCAT in 2007 (Computer Based Test).

SAT Books - Books for the SAT recommended by students who have taken the SAT and are in college.

USMLE Books - Books for the USMLE Parts 1, 2 and 3 recommended by students who have taken the USMLE and are in residency training.

GMAT Books - Books for the GMAT recommended by students who have taken the GMAT and are in business school.

DAT Books - Books for the DAT recommended by students who have taken the DAT TEST and are in dental school.

GRE Books - Books for the GRE recommended by students who have taken the GRE and are in grad school.

LSAT Books - Books for the LSAT recommended by students who have taken the LSAT and are in law school.

TOEFL Books - Books for the TOEFL recommended by students who have taken the TOEFL and are in college/university.

MCAT and Premed Prep Advice - Premed site with information about Personal Statements and more.

The ultimate pre-law site

Live MCAT-LSAT-GMAT-GRE prep - Live prep in Canada for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT and more.

MCAT Verbal Reasoning Review Online - Verbal Reasoning review online including 7 Verbal Reasoning tests, speed reading and other interactive programs.

MCAT Physics Review Online - Physics review online including physics videos, live physics lessons and interactive programs.

MCAT Chemistry Review Online - General Chemistry review online including inorganic chemistry videos, live inorganic chemistry lessons and interactive programs.

MCAT Organic Chemistry Review Online - Organic Chemistry review online including organic chemistry videos, live organic chemistry lessons and interactive programs.

MCAT Biology Review Online - Biology review online including biology videos, live biology lessons and interactive programs.

MCAT Store on Ebay

MCAT Prep Course with Computer Adaptive Tests - Courses Online with Computer Adaptive Tests, MCAT CBTs, Videos and Interactive Courses. Info - Extensive premed site containing information about all aspects of medical school admissions for premeds.

Weekend Preparation

MCAT and Premed Materials

Ruveneco Inc

Books, DVDs and CDs for Cheap! 

Original Love Songs - Songs with custom lyrics for birthdays, weddings and other romantic occasions.

Marvel Comic Books - Marvel comic books selling for pennies including Spiderman, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four and many more.

MCAT and Premed Discussion Forum!

Original Soundtracks - Original film scores for independent films and commercials created in a 48 track music studio.

The MCAT Store - All popular MCAT preparation books, video and audio materials at discounted prices.

Premed & MCAT Blog - A new blog presenting regular and updated information about the medical school admissions process. There is also a separate Student Blog.

MCAT Practice - Sources for Free MCAT tests and computer based exams. You can also find information about the the test's validity.




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